Are traditional marketing channels still effective?

Everyone is well aware of the takeover of Digital marketing, in 2020, the market for social media ad spend alone was approximately 109 Billion pounds sterling, with spending expected to surpass the 200 billion mark by 2024 (Statista,2023). But what does that mean for traditional marketing methods?

What is traditional media marketing?

Traditional marketing is any form of advertising that uses offline media to reach an audience. Some examples include newspaper ads, brochures, leaflets, billboards and mail advertisements.

According to many of the current studies that I will go through during this blog, traditional media isn’t going anywhere and we’re going to explore 3 main reasons why we think thats so;


Printed advertisement has come out on top when it comes to gaining trust of the readers and for being a credible source of information for most consumers.82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision (Burstein, 2017). Disinformation and scams currently run wild across social media in an attempt to influence users and take advantage of people. There is so much noise on these sites that it’s hard for your business to be seen and understood through it all and therefore

Top of mind 

For many businesses, one of the main goals of marketing is to ensure that your brand is top-of-mind among the target audience whilst in the decision making process of buying a service or product. According to Econsultancy, people are 70% more likely to remember companies seen in printed media forms compared to online (Econsultancy,2016). This interesting statistic shows the power that print media still has in terms of engagement. When reading a catalog, leaflet or newspaper, the consumer is investing their time and is much more focused on the content itself. With less distractions and noise surrounding the advertising space, your advertisement can be much more effective in becoming the first choice of your target audience.

Effective lead generation 

Looking at digital marketing channels response rates, Print and direct mail marketing gains a 9% customer response rate compared to other digital marketing channels, which gain around 1% or less (Statista ,2019). This stat and many others prove that there is potential for a high return on investment for traditional media in terms of lead generation.


Printed marketing is not dead, traditional marketing is the most successful medium in history, from nonprofits sending mailers to businesses showcasing in catalogs. When creating a marketing strategy for your business, be sure to consider traditional media alongside digital media to fully unleash their potential.  Printed marketing materials can help boost your online sales if you make sure that it ties together well with the digital side. You can also apply the situation in reverse, you can use digital marketing to attract attention to your printed materials. For example, you could announce a new catalog or signage on your website and social media.

Creating a synergy between your print and digital marketing may be the recipe you’ve been looking for when it comes to your marketing plan.


Marketing Chart: Which advertising channels consumers trust most and least when making purchases.

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