Top 5 ways to make your School’s prospectus stand out

Top 5 best ways to make your School prospectus stand out and increase enrollment

Looking through over 35 years worth of College, University and School prospectus, I have compiled, what I think, are our best projects. This blog will be me highlighting some of the qualities and features that make them stand out from the rest.

1) Quality photography

Be proud to show off your school with great photography!

Having professional photography incorporated into your prospectus helps boost the credibility of your school and allows your prospects to see for themselves what you have to offer in a way no amount of words could.

Including subject-specific photos such as; students playing sports, science practicals or drama classes is a great way to display the range of subjects you offer. It also allows you to show what is unique about your school and why students would want to apply.

Are your school photographs outdated? We can connect you with a great photographer that can fulfil all your needs.

2) Spot UV 

Spot UV is a shiny gloss varnish designed to compliment areas of your design that will make your prospectus hard to miss. UV coatings make details pop and are great to highlight photographic images and your school’s logo.

When UV is used on darker coloured print, like blacks or blues, the highlighted spots have an almost wet appearance. This can be highly effective if you are using many photos in your project. The impressive shine the UV gives off is why it’s so popular amongst designers.

 3) Foil stamping

A personal favourite of mine when it comes to high-quality print finishing. Foil stamping can take your prospectus to the next level, adding perceived class to your school.

You can use different types of foil stamping for different effects:

  • Add some shiny bling by using metallic foils in colours like silver, gold, green, blue and orange.
  • Make a bold statement with gloss pigment foils – you choose the colour.

Check out an example here

4) Great school prospectus design 

A well-designed prospectus tells a story and should fully encapsulate the ethos and values of your school. If you have the right design you are able to showcase your school and subjects in the best light, answering any questions potential prospects may have about your school whilst also leaving them wanting to find out more.

Consider these questions when thinking about the design of your prospectus;

  • Are you trying to reach the students themselves, or their parents?
  • Do you have a good understanding of your own brand ?
  • What type of language do you want to be using?
  • Traditional or Modern?
  • How do you want to be perceived compared to other schools in your area?

5) Invest in high-quality print

We at FM Litho believe in the importance of high-quality printing, regardless of what printers you choose to work with. It is easy to cut corners and lower your marketing standards but what does that say about your brand, especially when students and parents will have a broad selection of prospectuses to compare.

Visit our site to learn more about our services and how we can help you with all your school prospectus, branding and marketing needs

Also, check out our promotion we will be running in the new year,  you print with us, we’ll plant for you!

School prospectus
School prospectus

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