Our Printing Services in Essex explain the importance of business cards

FM Litho Printing Services in Essex explain why business cards pack a mighty punch

Great things really do come in small packages, even in the world of print. For every business owner, business cards still pack a mighty punch, remaining as relevant as ever in the digital age – for practical and common-sense purposes, as well as promotional ones.

A Valuable marketing Tool

Your business card is a small piece of advertisement that travels with the person who carries it. It may not be the intended design of business cards but they often do end up being passed around or stuck on bulletin boards in public spaces. In co-working spaces especially, business cards tend to be passed around a lot because everyone is always looking for help from someone.

If your service is good and people like what you do, chances are, they will share your information with other people. And if they have your business card, this makes it much easier for them to pass on your information.

Rock that event or exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and build your contact base. Such events are perfect for meeting new contacts and making sales.  Taking up zero space on your stand they give people a reminder of your brand to take away with them.

And when potential leads go away to think about whether to buy or take things further – your business card then becomes invaluable, ensuring they have your contact details should they want to get in touch.

It’s Personal

When you hand out a business card, you’re handing out a physical extension of yourself and your business. It’s something a person can hold onto, touch, and feel and, whilst it may not seem that different from typing in your information into someone’s phone, there is a sensory difference to it.

A business card feels much more personal because it is a physical object. It is real and it can be touched unlike information on your phone which only exists virtually.

Think about the following small businesses:

  • Builders and landscapers use Business Cards to pass on details when mobile signals fail
  • Plumbers and electricians use them to put their name in front of potential clients with an urgent problem
  • Landscapers use gardening Business Cards to earn repeat business and referrals to new customers
  • Street food stalls use them as an affordable marketing tool to promote their brand on location 

The importance of business card design

A business card is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool you can invest in, especially when compared to the cost of developing a website, hiring blog writers and videographers, printing brochures and all the other marketing expenses you incur.

The real expense lies in paying company to design a card that looks professional and impressive. Arguably, it’s worth every penny because business cards represent your brand. And like everything else that has to do with your brand, it’s not a good idea to cut corners. After all, the information contained between the corners of that 3.5-by-2-inch card is some of the most valuable property that ever existed.

FM Litho are expert custom printers in Essex

 FM Litho,  understand the marketing needs for all businesses large and small. Our expertise lies in providing marketing solutions to a wide array of industries, offering comprehensive support right from the beginning – starting from the conception of ideas to the final design stage.

Big things come in small packages. And even bigger opportunities come from business cards. Tap into your paper potential today.

For all your printing services in Essex Contact us via the form, or call our friendly team on 01787 479479.

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