Experience the full package with bespoke branding from our printers in Essex

Create a memorable, branded unboxing moment with custom printed boxes from our printers in Essex

Many companies do not realise the advantages of unique box printing. Have you recently thought about your packaging and unboxing moment? Although the primary purpose of boxes is to safeguard the contents, why not also benefit from providing a comprehensive branded experience?

For a truly exceptional unboxing experience, our team of printers in Essex, present expert advice on custom box printing, guaranteeing an unparalleled outcome.

Understand your target demographic

Understanding your target audience is of utmost significance when it comes to custom box printing, ensuring that it perfectly caters to their needs and desires. Take the time to identify your customer base or those you wish to captivate with your product. By comprehending your audience, all other design inquiries and choices will effortlessly fall into place.

Experiment with multiple design options

Take into account various designs before settling on ‘the one’. It’s vital to recognise that while a specific box design may appeal to you, it might not resonate with your customers. Reflect on the elements you wish to highlight in the design and gauge its impact on you.

Stand up to the competition

Consider whether your rivals have customised box packaging. If so, contemplate ways to distinguish yours from theirs, even if you are selling a similar product. Staying ahead of the game entails familiarising yourself with your competition.

Choose materials wisely

Opting for cardboard as a substitute for plastic presents an excellent opportunity to make your feelings known on environmental impact. Demonstrating your concern for the well-being of our planet through the adoption of recyclable packaging can significantly enhance your initial impression.

Ensure you meet your customers high standards

Choosing professional printers in Essex for your packaging is crucial for the success of your business and brand. Opting for either experienced cardboard packaging printers or specialised professionals ensures an ideal outcome. It is worth noting that the printing quality directly impacts your product’s quality and brand reputation so choose your printing services provider with care.

FM Litho are expert custom printers in Essex

Bespoke box printing holds immense importance for any business, and at FM Litho,  the No1 Essex printers, we understand this deeply. Our expertise lies in providing packaging solutions to a wide array of industries, offering comprehensive support right from the beginning – starting from the conception of ideas to the final design stage.

For all your business marketing or stationary printing needs, please Contact us via the form, or call our friendly team on 01787 479479

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