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Do you need Graphic design services in Essex ?

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Graphic design services are important. They enable businesses to become instantly recognisable to their target audience. Creating a lasting impression through visual messaging they build confidence and generate awareness of who you are. If you take a moment to look around your room, it’s highly likely you will see brands such as Apple or Coca-cola, Microsoft or Disney.  They are constantly conveying their message through their brand logo or icon.

A good graphic designer will have the ability to translate your message effectively. In the aesthetics of how they convey your message, and also the psychology of branding in relation to colour. For instance, a good graphic designer will know how effective a hue or shade can be. They know how to appeal to someones emotions.

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Are graphic design services optional?

The answer to that, is no, they are not. At some point, your business will need to embrace them on some capacity. This opens the door to competing in ever growing, busy market places. 

When looking for a graphic designer, chemistry and an understanding of your aims is vital. Never hire a designer that has no experience in your industry. They will struggle to reach your target audience. Look for a design agency that understands how to convey your brand message.  They will effectively communicate your values, and will be with you throughout the journey.

So who should you employ to promote your brand?

Freelance designers

You could look to a freelance designer, some of these might seem more affordable. But beware, their services maybe quite basic, or perhaps working from overseas.

Graphic design and printing services

The age of print is not dead. Many companies still promote their brand using billboards, and flyers.  Educational facilities such as colleges and schools print prospectus year after year. You might want business cards printed. These are a crucial product for an entrepreneur or small business wanting to build brand identity.

Custom graphics

If you require something designing from scratch such as a brand logo or banner, then you might investigate providers of customer graphics. But their services are limited to just that. You would eventually have to  look for other services such as digital printers.

Graphic design one-stop-shop

A graphic design studio is your one-stop shop for all elements relating to visual communication. This would include, logo design and company branding, all printed materials including digital print and litho print, website build and SEO services. In short, hiring a design studio will ensure that your business has a long term partner in place, for any graphic design needs, no matter how large or small, often at very affordable prices.

Graphic design is vital for business growth

Graphic design services are vital for any business. Without appropriate graphic design, you will not be able to attract the attention of consumers and potential customers. If you’re looking for an affordable, one-stop-shop graphic design service then speak to FM Litho. We are an expert ‘in house’ service for photography, design, artwork, printing and digital marketing including website design and development. We work with clients throughout Essex and Suffolk and across the UK.

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