Our Essex Printers Top 5 Tips for Outstanding Brochure Printing Design

Brochure printing design requires attention to detail, so it pays to get it right.

As an established company providing printing services in Essex for many years, we know better than most that printed brochures are an essential marketing tool for any Essex business seeking to increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement. A well-thought-out brochure design can generate a lasting impression in the minds of potential clients and customers. However, creating a brochure that stands out in today’s highly competitive market can be a challenge. Here, our creative brochure design team give their top five tips for designing creative and captivating printed brochures.

1. Your brochure printing design should start with a clear message

Make sure you have a clear and concise message for your brochure design. A well-defined message will not only help you organise your content but also make it easier for your audience to understand what you offer. Ensure that your message connects with your audience and communicates the benefits of your products or services.

2. Choose the right format

The format of your brochure will largely depend on your target audience and message. Choose a format that suits your message and aligns with your brand guidelines. Consider factors such as size, orientation, and layout to determine the most suitable design approach.

3. Use high-quality images

Images are a vital part of any printed brochure design. Make sure you use high-quality images that are relevant to your message. Images should be clear, crisp, and visually appealing to capture your audience’s attention. Avoid using low-resolution images or stock photos that look generic and unremarkable.

4. Keep your brochure printing design simple

Good brochure printing services are just one part of your overall finished product. It’s worth remembering that the best brochure designs are often the simplest ones. Avoid cluttering the brochure with too much text or images. Keep your design sleek, clean, and easy to read. Use fonts that are legible and consistent throughout the brochure.

5. Incorporate a call to action

A call to action is an essential element of any printed brochure design. It prompts the audience to take action after reading the brochure, such as visiting your website, making a purchase, or contacting you for more information. Ensure that your call to action is clear, concise, and easy to follow.


In conclusion, designing a creative and engaging brochure requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the above tips, you can create a brochure that stands out in the market and captures your target audience’s attention.

FM Litho is one of the most experienced and reliable brochure printing companies in Essex. Our dedicated design team can provide you with the best in eye catching, creative brochure design, guaranteed to captivate and engage your target audience.

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