How to achieve the best stand out school brochure printing in Essex

Bring your schools vision to life and stand out from the crowd with stunning prospectus and school brochure printing in Essex.

If you are looking for an impactful way to promote your school, be it elementary schools or extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, etc., you should be thinking about printed brochures. They have a huge potential for attracting potential students or parents. However, your school brochure design needs to be eye-catching enough to draw interest. Also, you must deliver the information in an organised way to be easily read.  An experienced printing services company can advise you on brochure design and content, but this article should help get you started, with a few valuable pointers.

Here are our best practices to ensure your printed brochures shine… 

1. Brochure type and lay out of your message

If, for example, you were opting for a trip fold brochure, you may want to add your school’s name, emblem, picture, and essentials like address and contact information on the front panel. On the remaining panels, you may include visuals and graphics. Big chunks of text are overwhelming to read. So, use bullet points to convey the message concisely. Avoid complex words and keep the language straightforward.

2. High quality photographs are essential

Don’t create the wrong impression with poorly shot, low quality images. Fabulous photographs will enhance your school’s brand and will tell your story with images that reflect the ethos and spirit of your school

If your school policy allows, then try to include shots such as the campus, students, staff, facilities, etc., to add credibility.

3. Choose an Appropriate Colour Scheme

Colour schemes bind a brochure or any design together.  A pre-school might opt for a cheerful combination of colours as opposed to a private school that might choose analogue colours to create a professional feel. However, your first choice should be using the colours that are representative of your school.

4. The Font

Another make or break choice is the font. Depending on the nature of your school fonts can be fun and upbeat or traditional. Some fonts will be relevant to your design, and some will not, but the font you choose should be easily readable and easily printable.

5. Effective ‘Call to action’

School brochure printing needs to include an effective ‘call to action’.
You want your target students or parents to be compelled to contact you and take the next step. Make this step clearly visible, and tell them what will happen next, once they have contacted you. A clear call to action could include terms such as, ‘Contact us’ or ‘Register now’.

6. Keep things simple

Cluttered design rarely looks good. When it does, it often takes a disproportionate amount of effort to make it happen. It’s rarely worth it. So, don’t clutter. A simple design will keep your audience engaged. Include all the necessary elements but try to be concise.

The Final word

Now you have an idea of what the key elements of attractive brochure design are. Use this information in your next brochure design and your school will stand out in the crowd

FM Litho is one of the most experienced and reliable school brochure printing companies in Essex. We love designing educational brochures and prospectuses. They reflect the energy of youth and the passion of the teachers and their schools. We’ve learnt over the years that the best results occur when we work with the school, college or university to discover that special something that sets them apart, and together, we promote that through their printed literature.

For or all your business marketing or stationary printing needs, please Contact us via the form, or call our friendly team on 01787 479479

You can check out our other news articles for further information on how our printers in Essex we can help with your business marketing requirements.


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